Recognising that knowledge has always been transmitted by those who came before us and aware of the inestimable value of the memory of those who are gone, Richard de Tscharner created the Carène Foundation in 2008 to encourage the transmission of knowledge and the preservation of cultural traditions.


Over the years the Foundation has intervened:

  • to ensure the preservation of a unique textile collection in the Ixchel Museum, Guatemala,

  • to underline the importance of preserving our cultural heritage in financing all expenses linked to the photographic aspects of both, the exhibit Alexandrie la Divine and the book;

  • with the Bourbaki Panorama Association in Lucerne, to help safeguard a cultural monument in the form of a circular painting, illustrating Switzerland’s tradition of neutrality and humanitarian values,

  • to contribute safeguarding a unique collection of manuscripts in the Saint Catherine Monastery on the foothills of the Mount Sinai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site,

  • to preserve the memory of the Haitien society in financing a restoration project of archives of the Court in Cap-Haitien

  • with the Sovanna Phum Art Association, to promote the preservation of a traditional art, used to diffuse educational messages to a community with a high illiteracy rate.


The Foundation's commitment to educational values has led it to support:

  • the Karuna-Shechen Association in Tibet,

  • the Krousar Thmey Association in Cambodia,

  • the Festival Image in Vevey, Switzerland, to contribute to this event’s mediation program,

  • to participate in the cost of publishing an art historian’s doctoral thesis,

  • to participate in financing the construction of the Him Shikar Carène Ustinov School in Nepal.   



* Carène is the name of one of the 88 constellations in the sky. De Tscharner chose this name to emphasize the need to gain height and thus gain an overview of our planet, its realities and needs.


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